Louis Valtat 1869 - 1952


Louis VALTAT Louis Valtat - Self Portrait 1892

1869 : Born on 8 August, in Dieppe. Son of Victor Valtat and of Marguerite Barluet.
1886 : Applied to l’Ecole Nationale et Spéciale des Beaux Arts at the age of 17 years.
1893 : First exhibition at le Salon des Artistes Indépendants.
1899 : Took part in the group exhibition organized by Paul Signac at la Galerie Durand-Ruel.
1900 : First participation at La Libre Esthétique in Brussels. Got married to Suzanne Noël on 1 March, in Versailles. From now on, Suzanne took the name of Suzanne Valtat.
1904 : First exhibition at le Salon d’Automne in which he regularly participated from that
1905 : The painting “Marine”, exhibited at le Salon d’Automne, was reproduced in
“L’Illustration”; as a result, he was mixed up with the scandal enlightening the Fauvisme.
1908 : Birth of Jean Valtat on 11 September.
1927 : Was made Chevalier of the Legion d’Honneur on 29 January.
1951 :Took part in the exhibition on le Fauvisme organized by le Musée National d’Art
Moderne in Paris.
1952 : Died on 2 January, in Paris.

Suzanne Valtat Psuzann  épouse Louis Valtat en 1900

1879 : Born on 2 June, in Montluçon; daughter of Jean Noël and of Jeanne Laurent.
1900 : Got married to Louis Valtat on 1 March, in Versailles. From that time, she took the name of Suzanne Valtat.
1908 : Birth to Jean Valtat on 11 September
1967 : Died on 26 August, in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

Jean VALTAT Pjean fils de Louis et Suzanne VALTAT

1908 : Was born on 11 September, in Versailles; son of Louis Valtat and of Suzanne Noël.
1932 : Got married to Marie-Lucie Nessi on 5 April, in Paris; she also took the name of
Marie-Lucie Valtat.
1940 : Caroline Valtat’s birth.
1942 : Elizabeth Valtat’s birth.
1944 : Louis-André Valtat’s birth.
1949 : Divorced from Marie-Lucie Nessi on 14 April.
1949 : Got married to his second wife, Denise Nicolas, on 12 November. Denise Nicolas also took the name of Denise Valtat.
1958 : In possession of many pictures painted by his father Louis Valtat, Jean completely gave up his professional activity as stomatology specialist and handed over his surgery.
1961 : Gave his agreement to his second wife for opening an art gallery in Paris under the
name of: ” Galerie Denise Valtat ”
1977 : Published the Catalogue of Louis Valtat’s Work, Volume 1, which listed pictures of Louis Valtat’s paintings belonging mainly to his own collection.
1981 : Died on 4 May, in Paris.

Marie-Lucie NESSI MarieLucieNessi première épouse de Jean VALTAT

1910 : Born on 9 July, in Paris; daughter of André Nessi and of Hélène Koehne.
1932 : Got married to Jean Valtat on 5 April and, from that time, took the name of Marie-Lucie Valtat.
1940 : Birth to Caroline Valtat.
1942 : Birth to Elisabeth Valtat.
1944 : Birth to Louis-André Valtat.
1949 : Got divorced from Jean Valtat on 14 April. Took back her maiden name
1959 : Thanks to the support of her mother-in-law, Suzanne Valtat, she was able to dedicate her life to painting.
1972 : The Wally Findlay International Galleries offered her a contract, thus becoming her sole agent
1992 : Died on 4 December, in Villiers le Bel.

Louis-André VALTAT PlouisAndre fils de Jean VALTAT et Marie-Lucie NESSI

1944 : Birth of Jean Valtat and Marie-Lucie Nessi’s son.
1981 : After the death of his father Jean Valtat, he carries on completing the Catalogue de l’Oeuvre, of his grand-father; he undertakes the writing of the painter’s biography that had been totally neglected so far.
2006:Died on 15 November, in Chesnay.

Denise NICOLAS, deuxième épouse de Jean VALTAT

1949 : On 12 November, got married to Jean Valtat, her second husband, and took the name of Denise Valtat.
1961 : Opened la “Galerie Denise Valtat”.
1981: Died. Since then, her daughter, Monique Lapeyre, wife of Soubirou-Pouey, has been in charge of la “Galerie Denise Valtat”


Monique LAPEYRE fille de Denise VALTAT

1939 : Birth of the daughter of Denise Nicolas and Edouard Lapeyre
1981: Since her mother’s death, she has been in charge of la “Galerie Denise Valtat” under her wedding name, Monique Soubirou-Pouey.