Louis Valtat 1869 - 1952

The Friends of Louis Valtat

The Friends of Louis VALTAT
Association , 1901 Law


Honorary Members
Madame Charles Durand-Ruel
Madame Caroline Durand-Ruel Godfroy


The Bureau: President : Julien Valtat
Secretary : Maître Pascale Lefèvre
Treasurer : François Valtat

Michel de Pescara  Honorary President, Luc Valtat, Michel Maket, Raphaël Maket,  Jeanne Calmon

The Founder Members:
†  Michel Tournier de l’Académie Goncourt
Henri-François de Breteuil
Maître André-Gilles Taithe
† Colonel Christian Roehrich
Michel Lesieur
† Docteur Pierre François Petit
† Louis-André Valtat
† Maître Pierre Blache
Maître Pascale Lefèvre

Created in 1988, the Association of the Friends of Louis Valtat is aiming at promoting the knowledge of Louis Valtat’s Work

The Website illustrates the initiatives the Friends of Louis Valtat can undertake.

The membres of association wish to pay a tribute to Louis André VALTAT died on November 15, 2006, for all the work achieved  since many years within association, so that the work of his grandfather Louis Valtat is recognized with his right value.